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 uchiha icehawk

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uchiha icehawk
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user administrator

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PostSubject: uchiha icehawk   Thu 11 Sep - 7:23

Name: uchiha icehawk
First name: icehawk
Last name: uchiha
Age: unknown
Birthday: unknown
Height: 6 foot two
Weight: 160 pounds
Village: sound village
Rank: sannin/administrator/leader of the sound village
Favorite food: none
Powers: all of the uchiha powers + puppeteering
Class: puppetmaster
Physical description: a dark haired sannin from the sound village with

three cursed seal levels

lvl. 1 icehawk gets 3X his normal strangth & chakra

lvl.2 icehawks puppet gets boosted stats and gets bigger and icehawks gets black tattoos all over his body which if touched will burn the opponent if they are touched

icehawks black tattoos will turn red and if touched they could burn a person right to the bone but when icehawks taps them things will happen-


1 finger tap- a fire ball
2 finger tap- a small tornado
3 finger tap- a wind spirit
4 finger tap- a hail of rocks
5 finger tap- lightning
fist tap- sand will shoot into the air until there is a mist of it and then it will harden around the enemies so only their face is visible

Temper: unknown
Strong point: mangekyou sharingan
Weakness: NONE
Story: was once a missing ninja and went around killing and robbing people until he settled in the sound village and became its leader
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Tobi Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: uchiha icehawk   Thu 11 Sep - 16:20



Tobi Lover

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uchiha icehawk
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