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 Aya Shimizu

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PostSubject: Aya Shimizu   Fri 7 Nov - 20:54

First name: Aya
Last name: Shimizu
Age: 18
Birthday: Jan. 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 6
Weight: 111
Village: Kohona
Rank: ANBU Rank Missing Nin/ Exile
Favorite food: Sushi
Powers: Byakugan (stolen), Juuken, Multi-Shadow Clone, Strength
Physical description: Blue-gray eyes, short spiky blond hair, wears a chain mesh shirt with camo pants
Temper: Short tempered, tends to absentmindedly steal things (mainly scrolls and shiny objects), tries not to steal things, sneaky, nimble
Strong point: Close range battles
Weakness: Shiny objects, scrolls, taunts
Story: Was a former student of Tsunade, stole the secret of the Byakugan, and was caught stealing the forbidden scroll. She was exiled. She is now traveling everywhere and can never really stay in one place for long.
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Aya Shimizu
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