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 Dosu Kinuta

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Dosu Kinuta

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PostSubject: Dosu Kinuta   Fri 11 Jan - 19:24

Name: Dosu Kinuta
First name: Dosu
Last Name: Kinuta
Age: 17 (Shippuuden, assumed still alive)
Birthday: June 12th
Height: 156 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Village: Sound
Favorite food: Unknown
Powers: Sound amplifying gadget
Class: ?
Physical description: Hunchback, very short.
Temper: Calm
Strong point: Great hearing
Weakness: Cockiness
Story: Originally born in the mist village, Dosu had been through one of the many slaughters of Kisame. Being one of the only last survivors, Dosu left the village in search of a better, more safe village. On his travels his arm was nearly destroyed, and arrived at the Sound Village. There was made a servant of Orochimaru, who gave Dosu a sound amplifying gadget that went around his cut up arm. This gadget infected him with powerful sound waves that altered to hearing to unbelievable measures. Later when he was "killed" by Gaara, it was but a Genjutsu to test the Sand Genin. Knowing that Gaara was way too powerful, he fled out to be a missing ninja of the sound village. His whereabouts are, as of now, unknown.

That story bit was inspired by a little fan fiction I was typing up a while ago but never finished. I planned it out to be like that, but apparently I never got to it.

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Dosu Kinuta
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